The Freestylers got Lucky

November 13, 2008

So, as the intensive fall pre-snow training comes to an end, my competitive snowboard team and the competitive freestyle ski team played a winner takes all game of “Speed Ball,” a game brought to the Gould campus by the alpine coaches from UNH….!!

The game is basically a mix of soccer, basketball and football……!

And, when I say winner takes all, what I mean is winner gets bragging rights. So, as promised, the winning team of the speed ball match between snowboarders and freedoggers was…

Freestyle Skiing

On another note, I think everyone present will say that new faculty member Ben Kamilewicz’s presentation on Veterans Day was a special event. He spoke so eloquently about his friends and their experiences, and that we should remember ALL service people both past and present.
Please check out the link to hear the very moving presentation.

Chris and Helen Davies


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