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May 15, 2012

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late post, but it’s been a very busy few days. First of all, I want to emphatically thank everyone who came to the show this weekend. You were great audiences, and it’s been awesome to hear all the positive feedback from satisfied theatergoers. I can’t believe it’s over: my last high school show! It’s exciting and scary at the same time, but I’m glad that my last show here was so excellent.

photo by Henry T. Kaiser,

AP season is dandelion everywhere!

It’s only one of the many “lasts” that have begun popping up in recent days. As a senior, I can’t help but notice them, even the little ones. For instance, tonight was my last night as a writing center tutor. It seems minor, but when you do something every Monday night for 3 years it gets hard to believe that I won’t be doing it ever again.

Speaking of lasts, I am excited to announce that tomorrow I will sit down to take my last AP test ever! We, along with other academically ambitious students around the country, are in the midst of what some call “AP Season” the two weeks of testing that is the culmination of a long year’s worth of studying. This is the time when our knowledge is put, quite literally, to the test. Some test-takers are seeking introductory college course credit, and some are just looking for the one last chance at academic success before the unknowns of college. There’s not much exciting to write about the actual taking of the test. Basically we sit in a room and answer multiple choice questions until our heads fall off (that’s a hyperbole, for all you AP Lit students). Then, mercifully, each test features a 10-minute break after the multiple choice section. Oh, how we long for that wonderful oasis in the midst of a desert of strife! During this 10-minute respite it is customary for the teacher of the course to provide snacks to rejuvenate us for the next section: the essays!

As a somewhat seasoned AP tester, I have come to appreciate these snack breaks. It is a chance for the teacher to show that he or she really cares for the students. For instance, if a teacher provides tasty and energizing foods such as Dunkin’ Donuts or Oreos, that shows that he or she is really looking out for the students’ well-being. However, if the snack of choice is something like carrot sticks and dip, this may show that the teacher is sadly neglecting his or her students’ physical and mental health. Of course, I’m being sarcastic. But in all seriousness, snacks do matter, as they are what gets you through the dreaded essay section. I should note that I have not had any inadequate snacks in all the tests I have taken. And seeing as I have my last AP test EVER tomorrow, AP Gov, I know DC will not disappoint. I can taste those Oreos and Moxie already!

Stay calm,



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  1. Avatar Spidermom says:

    Good luck on AP Gov test! We know you’ll do well, as always.

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