The Final(s) Countdown

November 16, 2010
Note: Ms Head may or may not have inspired this post.

OVERHEARD DURING A REVIEW SESSION: Hey, If I say on my oral exam that I have a velociraptor in my backpack, will you take off points?

It never ceases to amaze me just how frantic some students can get just before final exams.  I was “on duty” this weekend, as well as on Sunday night, and I witnessed some extreme, full-contact studying going on.  Have you ever seen the look on a cat’s face the moment it realizes that hanging on the screen door was “a pretty bad idea?”  That’s the face I see all around me right now.

So to try and calm the nerves of those chemistry students who thought until yesterday that “mole” was just a scientific word for “beauty mark,” and to try and focus the minds of the mathematicians of tomorrow who thought that “acute angle” was one with hearts and smiley faces around it, I have decided to bestow a couple of gifts.  For FREE.

Don’t tell anyone, but I went into the faculty room last night and grabbed a few exam answers off of other teachers’ tests.  I’m going to share them with you now.

  1. Mochila
  2. x=19
  3. Yellow and purple
  4. The Tet offensive
  5. Darth Vader is Luke’s father

I hope these help!

And so, mighty scholars of Gould (if you have the time to read anything else this week), I leave you with something that helps me to focus when the pencil hits the paper,  a little brain candy, if you will.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy. Good luck, and don’t let the velociraptor eat your calculator.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Annie!

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The Final Countdown, Europe, ©1986, Epic Records

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  1. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

    Thanks, Jefe. The Final Countdown will remain lodged in my brain for the rest of the day.

  2. Avatar Doug says:

    Heh,heh,heh…. Next time, Barry Manilow….

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