The Final Hurdle

April 13, 2013

Hello everyone,

I must first apologize for the late upload; I’ve had some problems accessing the Glog on my laptop.

Time is flying, and it is already Thursday of the second week of my final ten-week term. What made me profoundly realize that I am nearing the very end was the Senior 4 Point dinner this past Tuesday.

If you are a prospective student or parents of one, you may be unfamiliar with senior 4 Point and wondering what it is. Senior 4 Point is a graduation-requirement independent project every senior does in his senior year (It could be during the summer before the academic year or holidays during it).

So what project can we do? There is pretty much no restriction. It ranges from community service or internships at future dream jobs to learning a new thing. A year ago, in the spring term of junior year, I was wondering about what I should do for my 4 Point and by the summer, two options popped up. I could be an intern at Ferragamo Korea or learn cooking. Eventually I decided to do both, but since I can only present one senior 4 Point, I chose cooking, the more delicious option.

In a month-long course, I learned Korean cuisine suitable for household. Some, like marinated pork, were easy, but some like the gujeolpan (literally translated ‘nine plates’) were easy. Most importantly, however, I found the experience delightfully enjoyable and useful to answer my ‘essential question’ for this project. I tried to compare and contrast the learning of a practical skill and the learning in a traditional classroom setting.

Gujeolpan image from Wikipedia

My Gujeopan. What do you reckon?

So on Tuesday night, we seniors had our own special senior 4 Point dinner and afterwards presented our projects in groups. It is a funny feeling to finally put this behind me. But, again, it was fun and satisfying to finish this (explaining Korean cuisine to the Rubys and fellow seniors enhanced the fun).


One of the final obstacles before graduation is past, and we are cruising toward the finish line!


see you next week,


Min Jae


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