The Feds at The Barn

January 26, 2010

In the middle of a Gould Goes Green meeting, while eating my lunch, I received a phone call from Nathalie Barry, assistant to the head of school. She informed me that there was a federal veterinarian on campus who wanted to talk with me. My mind jumped… “what could a federal veterinarian want from our small farm?” Nathalie asked if we’d sold any piglets to Massachusetts. Yes, we did send 4 piglets to the Hillside School in Massachusetts, where Merritt Harlan’s father works. My question remained though, what would a federal veterinarian want to know about our small farm?

Turns out, I learned from Dr. Chip Ridky, we broke the law when Merritt’s family drove into Massachusetts with 4 piglets in the back of their car. Massachusetts requires a certificate of health for all swine entering the state. They must test negative for Brucellosis and pseudorabies. They also must be accompanied by a certificate stating “that to the best of the issuing veterinarian’s knowledge they have not been fed raw garbage and the animals are free from evidence of infectious and contagious disease and have not recently been exposed to any infectious, contagious or parasitic disease.” Our little piglets had none of that (it isn’t required for pigs who stay in the state of Maine).

Of course our pigs are very healthy and they’re not fed garbage. They eat only the best non-meat leftovers from Ordway Dining Hall and store bought pig feed.

It was actually great to meet our state’s federal veterinarian and hear his compliments as he looked at our 8 young pigs.

Just another day in the life of Gould Academy faculty! Just like the students, we’re always learning.

What will this week bring?



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