The February Blues

February 17, 2015

T-9 class days till March Break. An entire month (for us seniors that is) of sleeping, eating, huddling by the fire, visiting colleges, and generally waiting for spring to come (finally!). But separating us and this coming month of bliss are nine whole schools days. For most, that includes at least 5 tests, a couple presentations, a lab report, maybe an essay or two, turning in all overdue work, and not nearly enough, if any, free time. Besides class work, we’ve been pounded with snow up here in the north and the student consensus is that winter needs to over, ASAP. As the anticipation for vacation and the various four points builds, these nine days seem like an eternity. So given these conditions, I asked students and faculty their best way to get over, or manage, the February Blues.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 5.28.24 PM

Evan has been a victim of the February Blues

Watching Scandal every Thursday night

Grilled cheeses sandwiches with tomato soup

Mac n cheese

Planning adventures for the spring



Sleeping and eating

Going to the gym

Nordic skiing

Complaining about anything

A chocolate mocha from DiCocoa’s


Video Games

Watching youtube videos of cats falling

Taking naps even if it means sacrificing homework to do it

Thinking about summer, dreaming about summer

Staying inside

Eating a lot of m&m’s

Pretending that it’s spring. This works well for a class on the third floor because then you can’t quite see the snow

Going skiing and pretending I’m not cold

Binge watching tv


I don’t have February Blues, I just ski race.

Dress Down Day


Half off candy at Rite Aid

Till next week,



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