The Fair was quite fare

October 8, 2007

Ooooh Yeah! It’s Monday, so I got the update here about the happenings around here. For any wondering the answer to the Classroom Trivia of last week, “Who was the first president of the United States?”, the answer is. . . John Hanson! While most people think George Washington was the First President, he was the first president under the Constitution, but John Hanson was the first president under the Articles of Confederation, which was a brief form of Government in between the revolution and the Constitution. I’ve got an AP Calculus test tomorrow, so my Classroom Trivia for you all now is, “If a point on a function has the same limit from the left as it’s limit from the right, does the point have to have a limit?” This one’s a little harder I’d say.

My brain is still kind of shot from this weekend though. Early Saturday morning I woke up and grabbed two number 2 pencils and a calculator and went up to campus for the SAT’s! They’re pretty long, who am I kidding, they’re really long! but they’re done now , and I don’t have to take them again, ever. Friday night, a big group of patriots of Red Sox Nation gathered in the Ordway Dining Hall and enjoyed the delectable donuts of Mr. Fuller. The rumored challenge was that if anyone could eat 30 donuts they would get 30 bucks, but I think that Adrian was just making that up.

This weekend was especially. . . special, because it was the Fryeburg Fair weekend! I made sure to go down more than once to eat Sunflower pizza, fried dough, apple crisp, candy apples, caramel apples, clam chowder in bread bowls, or something like that. I wasted some money on games that I thought I could win but found out I had no chance, saw some huge animals, and some amazing mullets! The highlight was definitely the 1,088 pound pig I saw, it was ridiculous how fat this animal was, real fat. but the best part of the fair is always just the fair atmosphere, and it was another great year of Fair-ing.

Well there’s another post of mine, but I’ll be back next week and hopefully you will too.


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