The Faces of the End…(and the beginning?)

November 19, 2011

So as promised last week, my glog this week is excellent.

I went around today before the last exam, and took pictures of the faces people made when I said something along the lines of, “What’s your end of exam week face?”

Some people, like myself, still have a couple to go. I took my second exam today and I will take the rest of them this weekend. I skied all week so I guess there’s the trade-off. So here are the pictures. For those of you who might be horribly embarrassed by these pictures, I’m almost sorry.

Here they are, Alec looking less than thrilled to be in Algebra 2, Molly looking forward to break, Harrison looking forward to more exams this weekend, Mona excited to be alive, and TC…well…

Have a fabulous break, eat lots, wish for snow, see you in a couple weeks



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  1. Avatar margaret says:

    Molly (I think it’s Molly) looks like she just finished, TC and Alec look pretty stressed. Glad that week is over for all of you. You’re right, this week was excellent. Great pix. Next time maybe take some pix of teachers too during finals week…wonder what they look like? Or, during grading.

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