The Easy Way or the Hard Way

October 12, 2012

Happy Friday!


For those of you who don’t know, Gould has an awesome tradition, MOUNTAIN DAY!!! This very special tradition is quite simple: make a lunch, get on a bus, not have classes for the day, hike up a mountain, and finally hike down the mountain! Very straight forward! Thursday of this week was mountain day. As the various advisee groups had their individual advisory meetings, the faculty member received a youtube link from Mr. Ruby, telling us all it is mountain day! My advisee group was meeting in Gehring lounge, and we heard people screaming, and I mean screaming, “IT’S MOUNTAIN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

At that point, everyone goes to Ordway Hall and makes a bagged lunch (a few of us day students went to Subway, so we didn’t have to wait in line). Then, everyone heads back to rooms or lockers to get as many layers as possible before heading to get on a bus at the bell tower.

After an hour long drive, you are faced with the hardest decision of the day, “the easy trail or the hard trail”?  The past two years I wimped out and took the easy trail. This year I decided to go for the hard trail.Easily the best choice I made all day! I got some stunning views of the fall foliage.


After taking in the views at the top for a brief fifteen seconds (due to frigid temperatures), I speed hiked, to warm myself up, down to the all-school meeting place located directly next to a pond near the summit.


Over on the right you can see a few Gould students. Right where the sun is on the rocks is where the school meets and eats lunch.

Once the meeting point is reached, there is one crucial objective that takes place: to find a wind blocking rock. Once the rock is found, lunch begins.

Being on top of the mountain for an extended period of time, with powerful winds and temperatures cold enough to bring snow flurries, is definitely a bonding experience. It is customary to have “snuggle groups” to keep warm.

In this picture, you have, Maddie (’14), Molly (’14), Mona(’14), Sawyer (’14), Harrison(’14), and Brooks(’14) who is standing…and hoping to get into the line up.

Mountain day is a day that is very special. Friendships are either created or further strengthened. One can choose to challenge himself with the hard trail. It’s a chance to enjoy Maine while free from all academic thoughts and worries. Lastly, mountain day offers the opportunity to be apart of something with an entire community.

Until next week!



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