The Dusty Road.

May 22, 2015


Riley McDonough, Kyler Walker and Will Harvey are the kind of guys you want to explore with.  Well versed on the road, physically capable, up for anything and extremely curious.  With so many trips together under our belt, I knew this adventure west would be another great one.

Road-TripGame Plan:

Fly into Reno, Nevada.

Drive to Mammoth Lakes, California and compete at the second stop of the Rev Tour.

Road-trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Spend 5 days skiing the best that the Wasatch Mountains have to offer.

Make the commute to Aspen, Colorado and compete in the Open.

Fly home and regroup…


Having spent some time living in Tahoe, Coach Kimble put a bug in my ear about this old mining town en route to Mammoth from Reno.  Seemed like a great opportunity for our first Pit-Stop Adventure, so we headed for Bodie State Park, CA.


In the late 1800’s this place was a bustling California gold mining town, but like any mining site, when the goods are gone the people “get outta dodge”.  We’d heard of Ghost-towns but had never seen one in person until we took this little detour.


We spent a couple hours roaming around this eerie place.  The company store, hotel, school-house and saloon presented dusty windows with glimpses into the past.  It was cool.

Check out some more pics from our stop here:  Pit-Stop Adventure: Bodie State Park, CA


Mammoth Moutain, CA is a crazy place!  Renowned for the Unbound terrain park, Mammoth is recognized as a Freeskiing mecca.  Many who visit never leave.

While it’s reputation is glorious, weather there can be wild.  When we arrived the town was in a cellular blackout.  Wind had blown over a cell tower and started a wild-fire that took out 10 miles of fiber-optic lines, leaving us in the technological dark ages for the duration..

This was a glimpse of our training day for the comp.  Needless to say, it was rough.


Regardless of conditions, this stop on the tour was mobbed.  The US Grand Prix was cancelled due to weather just a few days before Rev, and in turn attendance far surpassed the athlete cap for the event.  People were breaking into the lodge to sleep in line the night before registration in hopes to snag a spot through the wait list.


Many wondered why they wanted to compete after the event had gotten under way..  What started as a nice day, quickly turned into a scary scene as athletes charged 40mph wind gusts in an attempt to put down a run.


Kyler and Riley both put forth a solid effort, but didn’t have their best runs..  Being only the beginning of our trip, moral was high and we looked forward to the rest of our journey.

We did capture some great shots from the comp!  You can find them here:  Rev Tour @ Mammoth


The next morning we headed for the desert.  Destination set for Salt Lake City, UT!


On our way the guys had their first interactions with tumbleweed…


Inspected the details of Joshua trees.


And roamed around the landscape of Palmetto, Nevada.


We even decided to take the long way so that we could get lunch in Las Vegas.  Who can pass up the chance to see the city of lights for the first time?!


Collectively we gathered a bunch of greats photos on our way through the desert.  Make sure to check them out here:  The Desert


After a long day of travel everyone was pretty beat.  Riley had things to do, so he was still putting in work when he could.


Kyler on the other hand was down for the count as we drove into the night, dreaming of the laps that await us in Utah.


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