The Dreaded Day

April 8, 2011

To all those who went to China, today seems to be the conclusion of the whole experience. By the end of today every freshmen will have showed their digital story to their English teacher. My own digital story was finished at about 12:00 this morning. In the beginning, the project seemed terrifying. Everyone was scrambling to figure out what the purpose was. Many people were scared that they wouldn’t find a topic. For me, the story was challenging

but at some point, after technology and copyright issues, it was fun to work on the project. It stopped being such a pain. In my personal opinion, the project was perfectly designed to make us reflect on what we saw and learned, and give us closure.

So in the spirit of “sharing is caring”:

here is my digital story, enjoy.

[wpvideo bp6znHxe]


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  1. Avatar ga9program says:

    This is a wonderful digital story. The images coupled with your voice transformed me to being on the wall with you as you reflected on and expanded your perspective of what it meant to be in China. Thank you for sharing this story with me and the other viewers of this blog.
    Mr. Shifrin
    p.s. Eli wanted to watch it several times this morning at 6:30am.

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