The Countdown is Upon Us (Why Am I Sitting On My Couch?)

February 25, 2013

Good evening everyone!

I’m now back in the same position I was for most of the day… And it looks something like this! (Behind the scenes of Glogging in 3…2…1…)

Laptop open to this Glog right here! Over the course of the day, it’s seen breaking news, new episodes of the walking dead, Criticisms for existentialist novels and sherpa history!

Anyways, other than making breakfast, stoking the wood stove, snow blowing and a walk in the woods, I’ve been sitting on this chair all day. Dreadful.

It’s been snowing. ALL. DAY. It’s amazing, there’s all kinds of fluffy white stuff. Let it snow!

Shortly after snowblowing my driveway for the second time, I decided that I wanted to check out the hill across the street to see if there was anything skiable (For later of course).

I strapped on a pair of snowshoes, had on my rain pants from four point, my fleece pants from four point, and yes, in the picture above, those ARE the fleece socks I spent those 8 nights on four point sleeping in.

I had this realization as I started trudging through knee deep snow that last year, at exactly this time, there was a week until I stepped into the woods.

And what am I doing this year? Skiing.

I honestly can say that I am jealous of the juniors. I would love to go do it again! Hopefully, if things work out, I’ll be going out with a couple teachers this March to bag some New Hampshire 4000 footers.

Anyways, Juniors, if I don’t get to see you before you head out, Good Luck! You won’t need it. Also, keep your wits about you. If you don’t freak out, and you try to have a good time, You’ll have a great time! Just remember, if you follow instructions, you can’t go wrong! (Unless the instructions are wrong. But for the most part, the instructions are not wrong.)

To all students: Good luck making it through this week! Study hard, play harder, and hunker down. You can do it!

Have a good week!



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