The Busy Time of Year

February 25, 2013

By Sadie

Gould on Monday morning:

With only one week left in the winter term, I’m looking back at all that has happened in the past two months and wondering where time has gone. I remember coming back for winter camp on New Years day with one weekend of racing under my belt. Now, as we near the end of February, I’ve started a total of 12 or 13 races! I still have a few to go with the Eastern High School Qualifier next Saturday and then a week of racing in Fairbanks, Alaska!!! I’m glad I still have so much left; I’m not ready for the ski season to be over!

Yesterday was my first 20k race and it was a big learning experience. From waxing to feed stations to setting a consistent pace, I took away a lot. It was a lot of fun, but I’m exhausted. I got to ski most of the race with Molly Siegel (Gould ’12) which was really awesome. I was able to set a pace off of her and follow her through some of the turns. She pulled away for the women’s win, so congrats to her!

Caleb and Andrew helping set up on Thursday:

I’m heading home at the end of this week for my spring break. I’m really looking forward to getting in a lot of skiing at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center. I’ll be there for a week, then off to Fairbanks! I cannot wait to get to Alaska. When you accomplish a goal like this, it makes you think back and praise yourself for doing that extra pull-up, that extra interval, or the 6:30 AM rollerski before the heat took over. I was looking through old posts on the blog a few days ago and came across the Maine Team Camp post when we were at Sugarloaf. I remember those brutal L4 uphill intervals I did with my best friend on a wicked hot day- it was so worth it! It’s all coming together and paying off!

You’ll probably hear from me while I’m in Alaska, so until then!!

-Sadie 🙂


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