The Boston Turf War

March 31, 2008

Hey there Everybody,
this week has gone by awfully fast, maybe its just the commotion of getting back into classes or seeing everybody after break, but its good to be back for my favorite season. I have always loved spring here at Gould, with everybody hanging out outside, the random games played on the upper field, and all the different events that happen. This spring may be a little different though, seeing as how there is still about four feet of snow on the upper field and even taller snow banks. This is can serve as a cry out for help, if anybody knows of any way, I mean any way, of helping the snow melt faster, please write a comment, send me an email, call my phone, send me a homing pidgeon, whatever works as long as we can see grass sooner! Those that oppose my views would say that I’m anti-snow, but I would like to think as myself as merely being pro-grass.

But spring also means lacrosse season to me, which is a sport that I truly love. As of now, due to the ridiculous amounts of snow, our field switches from the parking lot at the Bethel Airport and the parking lot at the local Church. However, I was able to see some green this past weekend, as the entire team traveled down south for the annual Boston turf war lacrosse tournament. After three days of parking lot practice, we left on Friday afternoon with Coach Zach “Speedy” Lehman and Coach Rob “Lacrosse Knowledge” Manning driving two mini buses full of Gould Huskies. We arrived at Charlestown, where coach Lehman had his first lacrosse team, and had a quick practice on their field turf and then jumped into our first game under the lights. We came out victorious, the score being something like 15-1. Lots of players stayed with different parents, but some of us went back with the coaches and stayed in a hotel. The two other captains, Adrian “Stickers” Bouthot and Johnny “Cash” Parsons, and I stayed in a room, got up very early, and headed out to the East Boston Turf Field to begin the official tournament. We played Concord Academy, MetroLacrosse, and Landmark in the morning, and beat each of them by a substantial amount, which was fun and good for a team that didn’t exactly have a winning record last year. We then had a long break until we played Brooks School , which is a very competitive school with a record of great athletics. They play in the ISL, which is the league for the really good lacrosse teams. It was a very physical and hard fought game, but we lost 8-2, but very respectably to a team that should have killed us. So the Gould lacrosse team now stand at 4-1, a good record, and a winning weekend in general. I told everybody on the lacrosse team that I believe this lacrosse team to be the greatest assembly of man since King Arthur and the Knights of the round table, and this weekend just confirmed my belief, for we played well and like a team, and had a lot of fun too.

Well, that is all for now, I’m looking forward to another week of school, with the highlight looking to be our game under the lights in Portland on Wednesday at 7:00 pm, but tune in next week for more exciting tales!


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