The Best Laid Plans and the need for 2 Fridays!

January 12, 2008

I had a plan for this week’s Glog. But as with so many well conceived plans, things just didn’t work out as planned. So I will improvise…

Some of the most wonderful times at Gould are the days when students and faculty return from breaks. People run to greet each other, shout greetings across Church Street and enjoy embraces while talking in rapid fire about all that has happened. The initial greetings end as people run off to share stories of adventures, fresh powder or beaches, parties or Guitar Hero accomplishments. As I walked around campus last Sunday night, I was asked many, many times “When is the Boston bus getting in?” or “Do you know when so and so is getting back?”.

Observing this ritual, one might assume that we all have been apart from each other for ages. But no, it has only been a couple of weeks, and often far less. A number of kids find a reason to even come back a day early, spending Saturday night with local friends, and many others had found ways to visit friends in Bethel or at their homes over break. Almost all had been texting, emailing, skyp’ing, Facebook’ing or somehow staying in contact with buddies. But on Sunday night, an outside observer might have thought that the campus had been shut down for a couple of years. I get a thrill every time I see the Gould community re-connecting in this way as it really emphasizes the special bonds that form.

Getting back to my plan. I had hoped to be ‘at-large’ around campus photographing some of these moments so that I could let the images do the talking. But no, I was talking to a student stuck in Detroit, another who had missed his connection in NY and yet another who was working to extract himself from the western snows. But hopefully you get the image that my camera couldn’t – It’s a ton of fun when the we all meet in Bethel again.

On Monday morning, it was back to business, and it has been a busy week. It was great having Aribe’s parents visiting for a couple of days from Pakistan. The preparations for the freshmen trip kicked into high gear on Tuesday evening and continued through Wednesday. Mother Nature (can’t have a Glog entry and not talk about the weather – my mother would be disappointed!) treated us to a sunny, mid-winter spring day on Wednesday, followed by great basketball wins by both the women and the men over Rangely that evening. Thursday brought a concert that most seemed much more excited about than they originally expected. And this week in class, the ninth graders have jumped into China. In my class we were treated to a number of great updates on the impacts of rapid industrialization and the one-child culture, Olympic preparations, environmental challenges and a number of other current issues. As Marily just noted, it was one of those weeks in which the only chance that I had of getting my Glog out on time would have been if I had two Fridays!

The weather was so nice on Wednesday that members of the Nordic team had spring fever!

How many Fridays will I need this coming week?!
Have a good one,


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