The Beginning

October 4, 2009


So here’s my first blog entry of the year, and there’s so much to write about! School started almost a whole month ago, and I guess we’ve all been too busy to notice that so much time has already flown by. Even though there are so many new kids this year, I feel like we’ve all kind of meshed together, and become one strong school already.

The first weekend of school, we had the first school dance which was SOOO much fun. The proctors did an amazing job setting up the huge white tent outside, and the slip and slide down the hill. Almost everyone ripped off their clothes (in the least provocative way possible) and raced down the hill, soaking wet and covered in grass. The dancing part of the dance was great too, and overall the event was a HUGE success.

Once every one’s weekly routine sets into place, they start to complain about how they have to get up at the crack of dawn to start classes, but they really don’t have any idea of what waking up really early is like. This past week Meghan Costello and I had ‘barn chores,’ and obligation that every junior must fulfill while taking biology. We had to wake up literally at the crack of dawn every morning to go feed the various animals at the barn, including horses, goats, sheep and pigs. While I would most DEFINITELY rather be sleeping in my warm, cozy bed, barn chores really wasn’t as bad as some people say it is, and I actually didn’t mind being able to play with the baby sheep and cute little bunnies. The angry chickens were a different story.

see you next monday!


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