The Art of Drums

October 25, 2012

Hello, everyone!


I wanted to write about the performance by Burlington Taiko on Tuesday night and I am glad to see that no one stole the thunder.


So, every few months, there is an art performance Tuesday night after sit-down dinner. We go into Bingham auditorium looking all fancy and ready to enrich ourselves with the experience of art, but I have to be honest and say that not every performance is well-received by students. Fortunately, however, anyone in the auditorium that night could tell that was not the case with Burlington Taiko.


Burlington Taiko group performing

I’m no artist or an art critic, but I must praise the simple, yet powerful beat of the drums. People say that there is a beauty in simplicity; the performance has shown that there doesn’t need to be an intricate mixtures of different instruments for great music. Also, instructor Stuart Paton taught us a drum is capable of making different sounds as well (not just ‘boom, bam, click, clack’ as he put it).


Another thing I liked and thought made students more focused was the interaction with the audience. And by interaction, I mean that members of the audience went onto the stage and got to play the drums. I saw numerous hands going up and students shouting ‘here! here!’, signs of a very successful performance. The enthusiasm I witnessed is hard to describe with words.


The Burlington Taiko group performed few pieces, including the memorable lion dance, and Mr. Paton shared his interesting experiences in Japan, with Taiko and performing in the U.S. They were all fantastic, but they doubtlessly left the best for last – ‘Tsunami’. When the Gong sounded emulating the sound of waves, I was electrified, and I cannot remember the last time I had that feeling. I could see why people were coming from as far as Portland area to come see this performance. It truly a memorable performance and experience.


Whatever the next performance will be, but I certainly hope that it will be as memorable and impressive as Burlington Taiko.


See you next week!


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  1. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

    I’m with you Min Jae. The performance was excellent. I had seen them before years ago and remember being blown away then. They did not disappoint on Tuesday. Many thanks to for making it possible!

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