That Shall Be…the Weather and the Show

October 27, 2013

Hey guys,


Following Aiden’s earlier Glog, I feel like I should jump in the weather discussion with an international student’s perspective. I originally come from a city where it almost never goes below 20°C/68°F, and this is going to be my second year enjoying Maine snow.


Earlier this year, I told almost everyone I know how it was really warm at Gould compared to last year (Usually my thoughts were followed by “Oh my god, it’s the global warming!”). To be honest, I even laughed (secretly) when the new international students started to complain about how cold Bethel already was (“Guys, it was A LOT colder last year. Wait and see”).


However, I stopped laughing when “snow” appeared on the forecast and the temperature SUDDENLY dropped from 15°C to -2°C (or 59 and 28.4°F respectively). I should not be surprised for this is Maine, but, well, people around me are all eagerly waiting for ski season to begin, so it seems like a good thing.


Despite this cold and to be colder weather, there will be an outdoor show going on next week by the Physical Performance crew. For those who haven’t heard anything about That Shall Be, it is an improvisation based on Shakespeare’s MacBeth. (Fun) Fact: The crew had quite a great time choosing the name for the show. I personally preferred someone’s idea of “Not-MacBeth”, but apparently it was not approved.


For more information on That Shall Be, please click here.



This cat knows what’s going on…
Creds to Just Cats.

Come support the awesome Physical Performance crew and don’t forget to dress for the weather!



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