that awkward moment when you realize you haven’t posted on the glog yet…

October 22, 2011

Just about 2 minutes ago I had a major “uh-oh” moment when I realized that I had neglected to post on the Glog.

BUT, it’s still Saturday so technically I still have time, right?

Well. I just would like to let you all know that today went down in history as the day that the Gould Academy Women’s Varsity Soccer Team beat Hebron Academy for the SECOND TIME in one season.

Now if I remember correctly, that hasn’t happened since one of the other gloggers (Izzy) was a freshman.

In the past couple of weeks we have taken on the Red Sox motto from ’04 when they broke the curse that had “haunted” them since 1918. “Why not us?”

We worked our butts off this week and worked very hard for our win today. The Hebron girls were definitely out for blood.

So that pretty much concludes my post for today,

CONGRATS GIRLS, we deserve it!

The soccer team goes zip-lining...(photo credit to ms. caitlin deck/morgan heckerd)


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