Thanks where thanks is due!

November 2, 2007

Hello Husky Nation! It has been a great week at Gould. There were the obvious highlights of Red Sox fans celebrating, a great visit from FCD’s George Brown, Jun and others singing “The Monster Mash”, and some seniors celebrating the completion of early applications. And then their were some things that were purely Gould, the most fun of them for me which was watching students in costumes walking around with their skis and snowboard and getting ready to head up to Sunday River for some early season turns on a beautiful and sunny Halloween.

And for anyone keeping track of our Human Geography class, we are deep into final projects and wrapping up the Frontline special “Ghosts of Rwanda”. Students will be making recommendations to the Department and ‘President Kerney’ as to what the U.S. policy should be to their African nations. Papers and presentations are due on Monday, and then we begin preparing for the final.

This week our Trustees are in town. These are important people in the Gould community, but few really understand all that they do for Gould. Often when I tell people that we are coming into a Trustee’s weekend, the response is something along the lines of “What do Trustee’s do anyway?”.

Of the current 26 board members, 10 are women, 10 are alumni and 13 are parents of current or former students. They come from across the country and internationally and spend thousands of hours each year supporting Gould in many, many different ways. They leave their families, take time off from work and otherwise give up free time to give of themselves to Gould.

“But what do they do?” you ask. At the very simplest level, the Trustees are responsible for the hiring and evaluation of the Head of School and for ensuring that the school is being run in a financially prudent way. And not to say that these aren’t important responsibilities, but our Trustees positively impact us in so many more ways. Just a sampling of the many ways that they are currently involved in Gould would include the following:

• Trustees are leading the effort to consider the conversion to biomass for our principal heat source.
• Enjoy hearing MC and others make magic on the Steinways? Thank a generous Trustee.
• Gould to China in ’08? A Trustee planted that stake in the ground.
• Trustees help us regularly with recruiting of students and faculty members alike.
• When we wanted to strengthen our program for international students or to think about the possibilities of GPS, it was trustees who provided early guidance.
• Trustees have brought important leadership and energy to the current Strategic and Campus Plans.
• When you are studying in some of the nicest science classrooms in the country, remember that a former Trustee made that building happen.
• When we set out to raise endowment for faculty compensation, it was trustees who stepped forward to make that possible.
• Trustee leadership heavily influenced and energized the eighth grade program.
• Bounce on the trampoline? Thank a trustee.
• Opening day at the Red Sox? Generous trustees made it happen.

And then there is the financial support. Receive financial aid? In fact, every student effectively receives financial aid. It costs much more to educate each Gould student than we collect in tuition. We rely on the generosity of the community to fund this ‘gap’ as well as building and enhancing facilities, and our trustees have always been the leaders in these efforts. Walk almost anywhere on this campus, and you can see or touch facilities that have been made possible only through the generosity of current and former trustees.

So, as we revel in all that is wonderful and fun about Gould, do stop and take the time to thank the Trustees who give to this school and each of us in so many ways.

One of our formal trustees used to suggest shaking three hands for Gould. I suggest that all of us who benefit from our trustees’ generous commitments should offer three thanks to each of them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Have a good week.

John K.

Note- I have pictures but the system doesn’t want to let me load them. I will try again tomorrow.


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