Thank You 2011

January 5, 2011

So welcome back!  I’m sure monday and tuesdays blogs already talked about how it feels to be back, and the highlights of their vacation, so I’m going to talk about something different and a little random.  My favorite band, Dispatch, which has been disbanded for around 10 years now is coming back to do a summer tour this summer!  Some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time (comes close with college decisions).  That was a half-joke for anyone that takes me super literally.  Well Dispatch started a countdown one there website around three months ago which had no hint of what it was counting down to.  Then around a month ago they released bar codes on their Facebook page every monday for five weeks, and when scanned by a bar code scanner came up as different cities around the US.  Finally on new years eve at 12 A.M. they released the tour on their website, giving the time and dates of all of their five reunion concerts: Chicago, Illinois; Berkeley, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia; and Harrison, New Jersey.  I know me and a couple of my friends are definitely planning on going to, at least, the Boston concert, if not another.  When you listen to this band, there is obviously something special about them.  They are not a normal franchise like some of the other bands you would see these days.  They were and independent band out of Middlebury, Vermont and they stayed independent throughout their whole career, with their own label company Bomber Records.  They have no real music videos because they are about the music, and they truly can not be categorized in a genre.  They have reggae, ska, folk, funk, rock, flamenco, and hip hop songs.  So everyone that doesn’t know of dispatch should listen to this song and I guarantee you will be hooked if you give them a shot on your iTunes library.  Lets hope these next concerts will be like their goodbye concert at Hatch Shell in Boston, with 110,000 people it was the largest independent music concert ever, shutting down Storrow Drive!

This song is called The General by Dispatch and is probably one of their most recognized songs:


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