Terracotta Warriors, the Eternal Army

March 20, 2015


Our first full day in Xi’an was a big one.  We started in school, first learning some Chinese characters and then participating in an English class.  The English class was one on how to ask someone to do chores (and how to answer) and I have to wonder if our kids were sincere when they gave the expected response of “Yes, of course” when asked “Will you fold your clothes?”  or “Will you make your bed?” After class it was off to see the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.  Qin was the first Emperor of China, unifying the Warring States into one nation in 221 BCE, thus making Xi’an China’s first capital.  Qin thought that he would continue his reign in the afterlife, so he had an army of terracotta warriors crafted and buried with him, to protect him for all eternity.  They lay unknown for over 2000 years, until a farmer digging a well in 1974 rediscovered them. Our trip to see the warriors was pretty awe inspiring.

Teddy Learns Chinese

Teddy at the Head of the Class

Milly at the Board

Milly’s Mad Mandarin Skills

Ben's Chinese Character

Ben Earns a 98 for His Rendering of the Most Difficult Chinese Character (Extra Credit Mr. Penley?)


In Chinese Class

Pit 1

The Army of Qin Shi Huang

along the warrior walk

Along the Warrior Walk

Warriors #2

Warriors in Battle Formation

Pit 3

Checking Out Pit #2

Warriors #1

Terracotta Warriors

with the warriors whole group

They All Joined the Army!


Closeup of an Archer

The kids are all off with their host families for the weekend, with plans ranging from trips downtown to trips to hometowns.  We probably won’t blog over the weekend unless we run into some of the kids, so check back Monday morning for an update.


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