Tenth Grade Four Point

March 10, 2019

Saturday, March 7 – It’s a Wrap People

Sophomores came together for a special dinner tonight to show off their handiwork of the last four days. A number of parents happily joined in the celebration as well. We were even treated to sushi the students rolled this afternoon as an appetizer. Here are the other highlights:

Fashion Week comes to Ordway!

Fashion forward on Four Point

Students in Alexa Stark’s Rework Shop modeled their creations on the runway after the closing dinner tonight with great elan! Hard to believe much of the couture came from creations students brought back from volunteering at the District Clothing Exchange earlier in the week.

All Boxed In…

Arts and Service come together on Four Point like a finely made dovetail joint

Gorgeous wooden boxes were on display at dinner, created in Bruce Bulger’s woodworking shop. Each of them had unique details–bird’s eye maple tops, birch handles, or scenic inlays—but all were carefully made with dovetail joinery and other skilled touches.

Cirque du Snow Comes to Town?

A three-ring circus

Bingham Gym was transformed into the Big Top as sophomores trained in circus arts with Erin Lovett Sherman. From human pyramids to acrobatics on the long hanging silks, students wowed the audience with the talents after on two short days.

Lights! Hammer! Action!

Rocketman in the Blacksmith Shop

Metalsmiths made lamps this week in the Blacksmith Shop with Eric Ziner. Rocketships, leafy candelabras, and canvas covered lanterns were evidence of the breadth of their creativity.

All That Glitters

Metalworking has a certain “ring” to it…

The fashion show wasn’t the only thing to shine at the dinner. Tim McCreight’s metal casting students displayed their beautifully detailed pewter objects

From Humble Lumps of Clay

Making custom tiles in the ceramics studio

Kari Radasch’s student displayed their signs, tiles and bowls. Items are still waiting to be fired in the kiln, but they were already stunning.

Screening Room

T-shirts by design

Students learned screen printing with artist Hope Rovelto, who inspired her young artists with the power of messaging through design. After students silk screened their own shirts, Hope demonstrated how the same techniques can be done on clay.

Browse more images in our SmugMug Gallery


Wednesday, March 6 – It’s all about Art!

Students are diligently creating in their first two-day workshops. It’s amazing to see how quickly they jump in to try something new, and also how much they can achieve in a single day! On Saturday night at dinner, we’ll have their creations on display!

Here is the list of workshops:

  • Metal casting – Tim McCreight – jewelry studio, Art Cottage
  • Metalsmithing – Eric Ziner – Blacksmith Shop, Art Cottage
  • Printmaking – Hope Rovelto –Design Studio, Art Cottage
  • Circus Arts –Erin Lovett Sherman – Bingham Gym
  • Rework Shop – Alexa Stark – IDEAS Center, Hanscom
  • Ceramic Tile – Kari Radasch – Pottery studio, Art Cottage
  • Wooden Boxes – Bruce Bulger – IDEAS Center, Hanscom

Tuesday, March 5

Now that our sophomores have completed two full days of service, we asked faculty member Adam Leff, who coordinates service opportunities in Lewiston throughout the year, to reflect on what our students get from the service component of Four Point:

Adam: “First, they gain a sense of intercultural awareness, at the refugee center in particular. There’s a huge cultural component, and they end up working with a variety of different people. I really believe it’s important that our students come into contact with people, and they learn about various circumstances. With the refugee community, they learn about other people’s cultures. They learn a little bit about people’s histories. They develop empathetic awareness, which is very important. And they learn a little bit about themselves in the process. That’s probably the most important thing. That just a little bit of time can go a very long way, and they inspire people. They give people hope.

Since we left the center yesterday, I’ve gotten four or five different email messages from people in the community that came over to see what it looked like, and they were very appreciative and very excited about working in the space. I think the wonderful thing was we did more than paint. We also worked in the clothing drive a couple of weeks ago for the center. We reorganized it. We reclaimed the space that was used for prayer in the center. So we helped out in a variety of different ways.

What about the Good Shepherd Food Bank?

 One of the things that I talked to the kids about prior to going was the stigma associated with accepting aid from other people. The work that they did, from a numerical perspective, was immense. I think they sorted 20,000 pounds of meat at Good Shepherd. Nearly 20 tons meat was sorted, distributed, and every single bit- even the meat that wasn’t good for human consumption- went to animals. It went somewhere in the state of Maine to help people. The kids underwent training in the program, where they got to see the outcome of their efforts. They got to know where everything was going, and the impact that it would have — for those people who use the services, the various food pantries in need. It was a very successful day, and the kids all pitched in. They couldn’t have been better ambassadors, not only of the school, but also of themselves. It was a wonderful day. It was nice.  -Adam Leff

Tuesday is FourPoint Fun Day!

So, today was time for a little fun. After a morning sleep-in and campus brunch, we all headed to Hebron to play broomball in their rink. Never played broomball? Technically, it’s like hockey, but without the skates or a puck, but really it’s just a whole lot of crazy fun.

Afterward, everyone went to Lewiston for a movie and dinner out. Buffalo Wild Wings anyone?

Tomorrow, Artist Workshops begin!


Monday, March 4

Day 2 was filled with yet more service opportunities. Students swapped places, with a new group headed to Lewiston-Auburn (LA, as we call it here in Maine) to help at the refugee center and the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Here in Bethel, students helped a local farmer dig out his maple sugaring lines (If you hadn’t heard, we’ve had an inordinate amount of snow this winter.), or sorted canned goods at the local food pantry.

But the highlight of the day was the annual Senior Citizen Luncheon. Students prepared tea sandwiches, set tables, folded napkins, and dipped strawberries in preparation for the meal. Others waited tables or performed for our guests, quite a few of them had gone to Gould themselves and were happy to share their stories.

Sunday, March 3

Lucas, Lolo Leff, Greta, Olivia, Hunter and Thomas paint the children’s room at the refugee center.

We kicked off Tenth Grade Four Point with a s’mores treat after dinner on Saturday with members of the Alumni Board who came back to share some of their memories of Gould. Students found it hard to believe some of them endured daily inspections in their day!

Today, we began the Community Service portion of the week:

  • making thank you calls to alumni donors to the Gould Fund,
  • helping a local maple sugar farmer dig out his sap lines,
  • woodworking with a group from the local Congregational Church,
  • sorting and hanging items at the local clothing exchange.
  • writing personal notes to soon-to-be-admitted students,
  • painting and tutoring at the refugee center in Lewiston

Here are some scenes from the day. More to come later!

The Congo Crafters get some help..
Leah and Ava help with tutoring at the center before they picked up their rollers.
Writing notes to soon-to-be-admitted students
Denise Manning, with Ava and Lydia, finishing up at the end of the day


Tenth Grade Four Point

Circus Arts workshop in action.

Tenth Grade Four Point

At Gould Academy, we value learning by doing. We believe that classrooms don’t always have walls, and that the best learning comes from experiences, from action, and from exploration. While this runs through everything we do at Gould, it is most clearly on display during our Four Point activities.

Follow our immersion into community service and arts here throughout the week.

In the meantime, here is the Sophomore Four Point Student Schedule 2019.

If you have questions, or would like to attend the closing dinner and exhibition On March 9, please contact Denise Manning.


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