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January 8, 2008

“Jim and Tracey Wilkerson are now friends. “

For those who are not familiar, that quote comes from my brother’s Facebook page. I just did it- I jumped into the unknown and set up a Facebook page. The virtual social network that seems dominated by people under… well, under 34, is now my new playground. There’s a problem though. Just like the real playground, there are hazards. I’m not sure what kinds of risks I want to take.

How much information do I want out there for ANYBODY to read? Should I say where I live? Do I dare post my real birthday? What happens if I “poke” someone? What kind of music DO I like? Or what kind of music do I want people to THINK I like? I know most of the words to Neil Diamond and John Denver songs. Do I want that to be public knowledge? I even like some Eminem. Are advertisers perusing Facebook looking for people like me? Or like you? Do you want to be found?

On the playground, I was a kid who ran between moving swings, imagining the swings were trucks, and I was a frog (a little Frogger obsession). That was risky. I could’ve been clobbered. I was the kid who would walk on top of the monkey bars, just so I could see the face of my teacher, parent, or any other adult who happened to be near. That was risky.

Why am I such a wimp when it comes to using technology? I should follow the lead of our Gould students, and many of the faculty, and just have fun with the thing! There’s unlimited potential. There are several Gould networks, some official, some not-so-official. It’s all good reading though.

Enough about that! Don’t hold your breath for more info from me on Facebook. I’m saving all my risk-taking for the GLOG!

Through the afternoon and evening yesterday the campus came alive again. Students came back from all corners of the globe and everyone I spoke with seemed glad to be back. We have a ton of snow, the temperatures are warm, and the days are getting longer. Before we know it we’ll be seeing dirt and crocuses. But until then we’ll be taking busses to the mountain to make the most of this incredible winter!

Until next week,


PS- thanks to Ms Woodleigh who helped me navigate my toward harmless technology.


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