Tech Weekend

October 25, 2015

My weekend:

Assembly, class (at DiCocoa’s since it closed for a month today and half my class of two was missing), class, quick lunch, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, snack, theatre, theatre, theatre, quick dinner, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, bed. Drive to Rumford, shopping for theatre, drive back from Rumford, quick brunch, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, theatre, dinner, clean the theatre, Directors’ Notes and the program for the play, glogging, bed (soon… oh so soon). (Yes, I spell theatre the semi-pretentious, British “-re” way. It is something I picked up when I was a semi-pretentious theatre nerd in high school and have never given up.)

As you can see, my weekend was all about the theatre. This coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the Gould Academy Department of Performing Arts presents The Laramie Project at 7:30 pm in Bingham auditorium. So since the show opens next Thursday, that means this weekend was Tech Weekend. For those of you who have never taken part in a play, tech weekend is when the lights and sounds are added to the show to elevate from a group of people on a stage to actors performing Theatre with a capital T. It is also a time sink that keeps everyone involved in the play in the theatre for hours. I think everyone involved logged at least 11 hours in Bingham between 1 on Saturday and 6:15 on Sunday.


Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 22.53.09

For those of you who don’t know much about the show, here is an except from the directors’ notes for our production:

Is The Laramie Project still relevant? We believe that it is.

While this play is about a specific event, it also speaks to many universal themes. Matthew Shepard’s murder is a lens to look at how people deal with an event that shakes a community to it core. How people reconcile conflicting beliefs within themselves. How a community is impacted by a event that divides members of the community. How tragic events can cause individuals to grow and people to change. How the legal system works to bring justice and closure. How hope can live through dark moments. How we move on from tragedy.


It seems to me that many gloggers have had a “thing.” Something that they do on a weekly basis. Doug has his “Overheard” section. Natalie had her Yogi Tea quotes last year. And at some point there was a glogger (Lan Truong) who was all about the kitten pictures. I think my “thing” is going to introduce you to a new Gouldie, or Gouldies, with a picture and a very short intro to who they are.

And this week, I am going to break away from my plan (I know… breaking my own rules on week two, not the best start.) This week, instead of my introductions of students or co-workers, I am going to introduce a few of my actors’ characters. (I also want to apologize to my actors who are going to hate me… I took the pictures during the run this afternoon while I was doing a few other things, they are are fairly terrible pictures… sorry guys… Mr. MacKnight will come by in a few days to take better pictures.)

rob debree squared

This is Rob DeBree. She is a Detective on the Albany County Sheriffs Department. She is also the chief investigator of the Matthew Shepard case. She works hard to make sure that the case was completely by the book. Close that case, Rob, close that case.

matt galloway squared

 This is Matt Galloway. He is the bartender at The Fireside Lounge. He is the key eye witness in the case against Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. He also is a natural conversation and his character speaks for itself. Talk, Matt, Talk.

Zubaida Ula Square

This is Zubaida Ula. She is an Islamic feminist and student at the University of Wyoming. She takes an active role in endeavoring to memorialize Matthew Shepard. She also doesn’t like getting into the doctrine of physical modesty in the potato chip aisle.  Own it, Zubaida, own it.

Next week, the show will be over and I will have a some what different (much less theatre focused) outlook on life. I hope to see everyone local at the show. Thursday, Friday, or (and?) Saturday. 7:30 PM. Bingham Theatre.


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  1. Avatar Martha Yules says:

    Excellent insight into the play and what we can expect. You have a talented cast, looking forward to it!

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    Glad to hear about the show and look forward to seeing it:)

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