Team Building

February 22, 2011

The sophomore class spent Monday evening working on team building. With the help of Cindy Brown students had the opportunity to participate in a number of team building challenges. Our first task was to move two hula hoops around a circle comprised of all students and faculty. The hula hoops were sent in different directions, the goal was to see which side would work together and move the hula hoop around the fastest.

Guess what? We were split exactly in half. Talk about working together. This class knows what they are doing.

Students were split into groups and assigned a faculty member to work with. You could gain points in a number of ways. You could complete every activity, you could answer questions that helped everyone get to know each other a little bit better, and you could work together with another team to complete an activity faster.

Students were determined to get points!

This is the tarp flip. The entire group had to stand on a tarp and find a way to flip it over without ever stepping off the tarp. This involved a lot of communication and teamwork.

This group had a plan.

Another activity was called the bull ring. Students were presented with a ball that was set on a post. Students needed to use a ring that was attached to strings and move the ball from point a to point b. Another challenge was, half of your team needed to be blindfolded. Talk about a challenge.

A popular activity was meant to get students moving. They started at one point, ran to another, and surrounded a circle that had thirty numbered medallions in it. Students needed to tag every medallion in order from 1 – 30.

The faster your time the more points you receive. GO Team GO!

A very challenging task presented this evening, was moving marbles upstairs using only wooden rods. The challenge was, if you were holding the marbles you could not move. This was a real challenge for students.

A lot of planning went into this one.

Students also needed to complete an activity that needed participants to move from point a to point b only stepping on a small tile. Students could not share tiles for more than 30 seconds, and everyone needed to cross the finish together.

It looks like this group is having fun.

Talk about trust and teamwork. This group has mastered it!


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