Tea Anyone…?

May 5, 2011

Over heard while cleaning my Bar-B-Que “did you know Doug Alford makes up everything he hears…!!”

So I assume everybody knows there was a Wedding last week. Yes the Royal Wedding of William and Kate. Helen was definitely the master of ceremonies at Gould Academy.

There were 2 celebrations on campus.

Thursday evening “rehearsal tea”, this was also a fundraiser for Japan. This event was simply tea, egg sandwiches and cucumber sandwiches, with all the crusts cut off. Just like the Queen likes them….!! $44 raised.

Then the wedding itself, “pre-game” began at 4am…….!!! Yeah 4am……!!! When Helen got down to the Gehring Lounge, Queen Courtney ’13  was already there “I’m so excited, I couldn’t sleep”.

Queen Courtney

Over the next hour, the crowd gathered, and with 20+ people watching the ceremony. Drinking Tea, eating crumpets, sausage on a stick, cheese and pineapple and pastries.

Mmmmmmm Cake

Luckily we had Margaret Adams ’12 who became our research assistant, who answered any random Royal questions. “lovely earrings” “those were gifts from her parents, they have acorns on them, designed to incorporate the new Middleton crest” Thanks AK.

Some of the crowd

The Wedding was great, the bride was gorgeous, and the pomp and ceremony was just perfect.

By the way, the line about Doug, wasn’t true. Great Glog last week Doug.

All the Best and Happy Mothers Day

The Davies’s’s’s’s




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