Tea and Lazarillo

November 11, 2011

Wondering what this is?

If you walked into the writing center last night, you were probably told that it was Ben’s “hand-squeezed” Tea. It seemed that somehow, nobody was thirsty enough to want to drink this lukewarm mess, even though we offered nearly everyone the chance. Their loss.

Don’t worry — we obviously didn’t make this tea to drink. This bucket of disgusting tea was instead used to give paper from the 21st century the look and feel of parchment from El Siglo XV (the 15th century), for an assignment for Spanish class with el Jefe. Excitingly enough, it also gave our hands the look and feel of El Siglo XV. My hands still smell a little bit like raspberries as I type this.

As strange as this whole endeavor may seem, my point is that it’s actually not that weird to see Gould students doing unexpected things for homework, projects, and classwork. Most of the teachers at Gould at least occasionally implement some pretty out-of-the-box ideas in class, and every single faculty member here definitely encourages us all to give everything our best effort. So what’s the outcome of that?

We get a unique learning experience, and sometimes that involves hand-squeezing some tea.

Here’re some final products drying. I think they look pretty good. Hopefully Señor Alford can read what we actually wrote before the tea thing happened…

Hasta luego,



3 Responses

  1. Tucker Kimball Tucker Kimball says:

    As touched as I was by Ben’s offer of some hand-squeezed tea last night, I did indeed pass…Nonetheless, a very cool project.

  2. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    Was it essential that the tea be raspberry? My favorite part of this post was the phrase “lukewarm mess.” Very funny!

  3. Avatar Kristen Kimball says:

    I think it would have complimented the no-bakes well…

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