Tanghu group has arrived

February 21, 2012

Short post tonight.

We have arrived in Chengdu after a seemingly short two and a half hour flight. (But then most flights feel short after a 13 hour flight…) We said final goodbyes to the other Chengdu group in the baggage claim and went out to meet our host families. Although there was some definite nervous tension in the air, all the students were ready to meet the family they would be living with for the next week. And the families were excited to meet the students.

Each family had a sign welcoming their new family member.

Many students received flowers and other small gifts as they met their new family.

They we very excited to see us and quickly whisked the students off to the homes for the week.

I only have a few pictures because it was such moment of welcoming chaos. I can’t wait to hear about students’ first nights when we gather together tomorrow morning.

I am working on a video about the final day and a half in Beijing that we be up sometime soon.

Hope all is well in America. Things are going very well here.



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  1. Avatar Mama says:

    Looks like fun:) Love the pictures.

  2. Avatar Laura Harding says:

    Beautiful flowers! Thanks to all the host families!

  3. Avatar Jo Cline says:

    How exciting and mysterious. Can’t wait to hear the outcome – and see the return photos. ;(

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