Take a Look

December 22, 2010

I hope everyone is having a great break, because I know I am. It was such a feeling of relief to be on break and away from the chaos of the academy. My all time favorite thing about being home is the short five minute drive to McDonalds, compared to the thirty minutes (in any direction) from Bethel. I am only kidding really. I love being home because of the satisfaction of home-cooked meals, which includes my father’s specialty, french toast with cheese.  I know it may seem ridiculous, but it is a melted piece of cheese on top of a french toast, just like it sounds.  You eat it with syrup and everything, just like you normally would, except its just better; trust me, I’m a doctor.

On a totally different note, I am on the train right now traveling from my home in Connecticut to Boston, to see a guy in concert named Mac Miller.  Luckily for the readers, the person I’m on the train with is the one who strongly advised me to write.  The trains a good time to think, nothing really else to do besides think.  Some of the beautiful things in life are taken for granted be because you’re accustomed to them.  I forgot how nice some of these things were until I went home and was showing them to someone.  There is something about the beach in the winter that is special.  The cold water rushing onto the sand and the frigid wind blowing against your face.  Cold enough that you want to leave, but the feeling is enough to keep you there for a little longer.    The contradiction makes it special and the feeling is unique.  So hopefully there are some people out there that read this bogs over break so they can go outside and just enjoy themselves.  Try and look at something you’re accustomed to like it’s your first time and maybe you’ll get the same sensation as I did.


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