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Busy Last Day in Xi’an

March 26, 2014
We started the day by visiting the primary school classrooms in two groups. We introduced ourselves to the students by sharing some of our interests and then we reviewed the names of different body parts…Read More

A Close Call With Security…

March 25, 2014
Just joking – there was no trouble with security. Check out the photo below. Don’t worry. They don’t allow people in to the actual excavation pits! Today’s highlight was hands-down seeing the famous terra-cotta warriors,…Read More

Welcome to Xi’an, officially

March 24, 2014
This weekend the Gould students had a wonderful time with their host families. The families provided an excellent experience for our students, sharing different aspects of Chinese culture and daily life. Donnie went to a…Read More

Welcome to Xi’an!!

March 20, 2014
Today we flew to Xi’an and arrived safely right on time. The students met their hosts and then played basketball and badminton together in the beautiful sunshine. The parents came later to pick up the…Read More

Homeward Bound

April 1, 2013
I am waiting in the Beijing airport for the rest of the China group. The students in Xi'an gathered in the darkness of early morning and said our goodbyes. There were tears and lots of…Read More

Xi’an Weekend and some information

March 31, 2013
Hi all Sorry no pictures this time. Nancy and I had a very full weekend with a lot of great experiences in Xi'an. We bumped into many of the students and all we saw we…Read More

A Day in the Country

March 29, 2013
Another busy day in Xi’an. The kids started out the morning in a primary school class. Colin and I snuck in and everyone started to mingle. It got REALLY loud and exciting at one point…Read More

Riding Around History

March 28, 2013
Quote of the Day: “Matt, where’s your backpack?” We woke up to another lovely day in Xi’an. We have been very lucky so far with the weather. Our students started the day with a few…Read More

Ancient Scenes and Sports Diplomacy

March 27, 2013
Quote of the Day: Chinese Tourist: “Where are you from?” Me: “Guess.” Chinese Tourist: “Well, the tall one [Jacob] must be from Russia…” Over dinner this evening, Nancy Barstow commented to Evie, our guide for…Read More