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New Mexico

March 31, 2013
We arrived yesterday in New Mexico.  We were hoping to find a ghost town along the way, but the web site that promised us ghost towns considered abandoned buildings in the middle of bustleing towns…Read More

Mesa Verde, and the Anasazi Pueblos

March 29, 2013
We visited our 7th, and final national park today.  It was the most historical one yet.  Although we were not able to go into most of the villages (because it was off season), we were…Read More

Moab (sorry, no internet)

We took an easy day our first day.  Recovering from our epic drive from Zion. After a leisurely breakfast, we went to hike Delicate Arch.  It is THE arch to see while you are in…Read More

A Traveling Day… Zion to Moab

March 25, 2013
It was a long day.  It was an amazing day!  We saw so much, but drove a ton as well.  Here are the highlights. Leaving Zion, our last look from the top. This is the…Read More

Zion National Park

March 24, 2013
What a day we had yesterday.  After dinner we were all too tired to write anything. We started the day by being visited by 8 mule deer.  They were walking around, munching on some breakfast…Read More

Phoenix, AZ

March 19, 2013
Our first student has just arrived in Phoenix, AZ. We are waiting for six more students to join us this afternoon. We will depart for the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for pictures and…Read More