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Review – USASA Nationals 2014

April 5, 2014
Twenty five years ago Chuck Allen decided there needed to be a Snowboard National Championship, and so was born the USASA National Championships. Since then this event has crisscrossed the country with locations including Telluride…Read More

FIS Rookies

March 7, 2014
So the first FIS event is in the bag for Gould Academy sophomores Ward Saunders ’16, Mitch Romanowski ’16, Shannon Maguire ’16 and Emma Scheidegger ’16. Two Nor-Am events at Sugarloaf Mountain part of the…Read More

What About Bob ?

January 8, 2014
So I don’t love Bob Costas, nor do I dislike him. But has he caused quite a stir in the Snowboard world. See video (snowboard part at 1:17) With comments likening the sport of Slopestyle…Read More

Episode Two

November 22, 2013
If your saw my previous post about Gould Alum Colin Boyd, you’ll know that he’s the star of the Web Series “A NZ Freeride Story” Well episode two has just dropped. Enjoy      Read More

Snowboard Quotes #4

October 14, 2013
Many quotes give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, but the best ones in my opinion, are the ones that just remind you that simple sentences can mean so much..        Read More

Unconventional Tools

April 24, 2013
So as a snowboard coach I’m always looking for an advantage over the opposition. The opposition being the other coaches….! And now in a unprecedented action, I will drip feed you some of my little…Read More

Not Always Sunny In the Valley

March 24, 2013
After heading to North Star-at-Tahoe and Pennsylvania for two of the stops offered by USSA under the banner of Rev Tour, the snowboard team headed to Sun Valley Idaho, for the last Rev Tour event…Read More

The Physics of Snowboarding

February 22, 2013
So I was in the dorm the other night, when one of my team members says, “I have a physics project that I need to do, and I want to connect it to snowboarding, any…Read More

New and the Not So New

January 31, 2013
Within the action sports world it has become imperative to get “the Edit” out as quick as possible, with new 2 min edits popping up every day, even twice a day….! Showing you what your…Read More