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Nolan Monroe Skates Gould

April 13, 2012
So, the thing is I’ve known Nolan Monroe since he was this crazy gifted grom, long before he did Tampa Am vert, long before he did Oregon Trifecta, and before he won Marseille.  Nolan came…Read More

Finding Ah

April 9, 2012
  In this picture Rene Mesones is just chilling.  He’s happy.  You usually don’t see him off his skateboard.  He’ll play a game of flat ground skate or ride the C-Ledge.  He’ll ride just about…Read More

Skate Team Riders

March 31, 2012
  This past week winter returned and we skated inside.  Even with it cold outside, the skating heated up each day.  Lexi is airing out of the quarter-pipe with a 180 landing it from the…Read More

Vermont Skateboards

March 24, 2012
  Vermont Skateboards is Dave Mull, Steve Mull, Connor Ose, and Zed Mack.  I’ve known the Mull brothers for years.  They’re great skaters and excellent guys.  I’m pretty excited that they’ll be riding with us…Read More

Two Facebook Pages to “Like”

March 16, 2012
Underexposed is a documentary about what women’s skateboarding is and what it could possibly be.  It features many of the biggest names in skateboarding, folks who’ve made a life of it.  This is Amelia Brodka’s…Read More

Early Spring Road Trip   After much consultation and consternation over the weather and who was in and who was out, we finally settled on a skateboard road trip for March 3-6.  Matt and I left western Maine…Read More

Lance Mountain’s Pool Service

March 10, 2012
  This is just a fun video featuring Lance Mountain, Grant Taylor, Peter Hewitt and friends.  The skatepark builders are from California Skateparks.  Beyond the skating, what’s cool to watch is the stop action photograhy…Read More

Najah Huston

  At 16, Najah Huston is a force to behold.  The tricks that he has are pretty amazing.  His touch is just right.  There’s such a lack of struggle in his riding.  You just gotta…Read More

So. Cal. Skate Trip Anyone?

March 3, 2012
We’ve just reorganized the skateboard program web page and  there’s some cool stuff to check out at the Gould Academy Skateboard Program. 1. This summer we’re doing a fly-in to skate in Southern California.  There’s…Read More