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So Many Skaters…So Much To Skate

September 16, 2012
I remember 15 years ago when I started building janky ramps behind the dining hall here at Gould Academy.  They were plywood and totally awkward to ride.  David Chamberlain and I rode his boards.  The…Read More

Thrasher Interview

August 2, 2012
Check out Michael Burnett’s interview of Amelia Brodka in Thrasher’s webpage. Burnett as some good questions and Brodka does a great job of explaining what she did with her film and what she’s learned…Read More

Cara-Beth Burnside

July 25, 2012
Photo by Transworld Business I skated Cara-Beth Burnside’s mini-ramp the other week.  I felt really lucky to be there at her home.  Growing up, I had a vert ramp at my parents’ home so I…Read More

Woodward West

July 22, 2012
I went to Woodward West for the first time on the last day of this summer’s So. Cal. Skate Trip.  Woodard West It was the absolute coolest place to finish this week-long skate trip through…Read More

So. Cal. Skate Trip, Summer 2012

July 15, 2012
The whole concept of this trip was to take the typical skateboard road trip, add in some private parks, a couple core spots, and some skateboard industry tours.  Mostly, we kept driving.  There was plenty…Read More

So. Cal. Skate Trip Day Two and Day Three

July 10, 2012
Day Two: We went to Riverside and met up with Samarria Brevard.  She brought her crew which includes her brother, “Son,” her cousin, and her friend Trey.  We hit a bunch of street spots that…Read More

Going Back to Cali

July 2, 2012
I’m headed out to California to skate with old friends and to do the So. Cal. Road Trip.  For a week we are hitting four spots a day.  It should be epic.  I can’t wait. …Read More

Help Save Our Oceans

June 5, 2012
NRDC Help Save Our Oceans   There is probably nothing more precious than our oceans.  Out in the Pacific Ocean is a swirl of plastic the size of the continental United States.  No one knows…Read More

The Maine SK8 Series 2012 Final Jams

May 22, 2012
Our third event went off without a hitch at the Oxford Hills Skatepark, the oldest concrete park in Maine.  Chris Kist got best trick with a 270 to front board on the down rail.  Francis…Read More

Skate Team, Progress is a Fleeting Thing

April 29, 2012
P.J.Steber is out for a week, but before he was side-lined, he started killing it frontside.  He was doing frontside 5-0’s and slashers on the quarter-pipe, the half-bowl, and most notably on the Jersey barrier. …Read More