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Mountain Day, Quanzhou Style

March 26, 2014
Quite a range of experiences today in Quanzhou.  We gathered in the morning and headed straight out from school for mountain day, Quanzhou style.  The mountain in question is Qingyuan Mountain, a peak near the…Read More

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

March 25, 2014
Today was another full day.  We began with a class on Beijing Opera, complete with painting our own opera masks.  The modern interpretations of classic mask design got pretty interesting.  Then it was off to…Read More

Classes and Temples in Quanzhou

March 24, 2014
We all had a great Monday here in Quanzhou!! Students returned from weekends with their host families with lots of stories to tell. Most of the them were able to meet up on Saturday night…Read More

Welcome to Quanzhou, Welcome to Our School!

March 21, 2014
Our first full day in Quanzhou has been a very full and welcoming one.  We began with a welcoming ceremony, where each of our students had to introduce themselves to 3000 new friends.  After a…Read More

Farewell Beijing, Hello Quanzhou!

March 20, 2014
I just saw Ashley’s post, after posting mine own, so I guess you get double your pleasure today. With a late afternoon departure time, the Quanzhou group was able to spend the morning exploring the…Read More


 We have arrived in Quanzhou!! We arrived just a little awhile ago and we were greeted at the airport by our hosts. Everyone is looking forward to the next week here in Quanzhou and getting…Read More

Quanzhou and Chengdu

I have spoke to both Nancy and Tom and both groups are safely at their schools. I assume blog posts will come once they get settled in. ColinRead More

Farewell Quanzhou!

February 29, 2012
We’ve returned to Bethel, arriving at 3:00 AM on Wednesday morning, to the cold (10 F, -12 C) and snow.  We have great memories of our brief, but eventful, trip to the Fujian Quanzhou Foreign…Read More

Stairway to Heaven

February 27, 2012
Monday in Quanzhou: The day began with excited stories of the weekend.  Activities ranged from karaoke and bumper cars, to trips to the beach and to hometowns.  All were in good spirits as we gathered…Read More

Weekend Wanderings in Quanzhou

February 26, 2012
DISCLAIMER: This post does not contain any updates about students.  So, if you are looking for info on the kids, you’ll have to wait until Monday, but if you want to hear what Martha and…Read More