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Quanzhou: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

March 22, 2016
Quanzhou, China blog (Written by Mr. Penley) It was another great day in Quanzhou. Despite once again having periods of “liquid sunshine” (aka rain), we still made the best our time. We started our morning…Read More

Quanzhou: History and Temples

March 21, 2016
(Written by Mr. Penley) We reconvened this morning after our weekends apart. Everyone had lots of stories to share about their adventures with their host families. The were smiles all around and everyone was ready…Read More

Quanzhou Update

March 20, 2016
(From Ms. Wilkerson) Our students spent the weekend with their host families. We’ll see them all in a few hours, Monday morning. We have heard from some of our students, and most were together on Saturday…Read More

Quanzhou: Delegation of Gould Academy

March 18, 2016
Warmly Welcome to the Delegation of Gould Academy! Our group is complete! This morning our Quanzhou group of Gould students grew from 7 to 10 with the arrival of the late arrival students. They arrived…Read More

Quanzhou: We made it!

March 17, 2016
(Written by Ms. Wilkerson) Our crew of 7 students arrived in Quanzhou this evening. Since there are only two flights a day between Beijing and Quanzhou, we left later than the other Gould China travelers…Read More

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

March 25, 2015
Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s our last full day in Quanzhou. We started the day off touring Qingyuan Mountain National Park. This park featured a Daoist sculpture and beautiful natural surroundings. The highlight…Read More

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting….

March 24, 2015
It was another full day in Quanzhou! The day started with Chinese traditional art and a chance to share their work. The day then shifted to physical activity. Our students watched the setting-up exercises. This…Read More

Quanzhou – Day 2

March 20, 2015
Our BIG DAY had an auspicious start as we all met up first thing in the morning to swap stories and every single student reported feeling great! The students and their hosts have banded together…Read More

Hello, Quanzhou!

March 19, 2015
  Hello from Quanzhou! We had a little bit of a later departure time than the other groups which allowed some walkabout time in and around the hutongs. Our fearless leader, Xiaolu, navigated the transportation…Read More

All arrived safely!

I have heard from all of the leaders that they have landed safely in their host cities. Xi’an, Chengdu, and Kunming students have all gone home with their hosts and Quanzhou is on their way…Read More