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Mental Health and Wellness

February 2, 2021
New Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator This school year has been like no other. During my 15 years at Gould, every year has been a new year full of challenges, successes, and celebrations. The 2020-2021…Read More

Mental Health and Wellness

March 4, 2020
A Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for adventure and its value in the therapeutic process, Tighe Blackadar is committed to providing ethical and evidence-based interventions through a person-centered lens.Read More

Mookasaurus Rex – Gould’s Therapy Dog

November 15, 2019
It’s a drizzly, cold day, and students are hanging out in the cafe space downstairs in Hanscom Hall. Snuggled into one of the booths with the kids is a large, extremely fluffy golden retriever with…Read More