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GouldSPOTLIGHT: William Ayotte

February 6, 2018
Name: William Ayotte High School: Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School College/Grad School: Central Maine Community College What are your roles at Gould? Maker-in-Residence, Teacher, Learn to Ride Instructor, Boy JV Soccer Coach Proudest Achievement: Building…Read More

MAKING with food + fabric

November 9, 2014
The hardest thing about being on weekend duty is not the  hanging out with kids (that is the good stuff) but the letting go of the weekend time to do the stuff that recharges me.…Read More

MAKE your math final

October 29, 2014
Math teacher and snowboard coach Dave Lynch is an early adopter, which means that he starts using technology as soon as it is available. He has been on the leading edge of  modifying and enhancing…Read More

When the Maker and the Player Met

January 28, 2014
Over the last two weeks we launched another Maker Module–building a license plate guitar.  MAKE magazine featured the project as a DIY weekend deal. It sounded perfect.  With a few trips to Radio Shack, the…Read More

Cut, Build and Fly!

December 9, 2013
What happens when robotics teacher Randy Autrey can’t fly around in his parachute plane because of the snow?                       He designs a Maker module for…Read More