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SA-KRED Cafe – Coffee and Donuts for a Cause

January 5, 2018
Submitted and written by SA-KRED staff Mia Shifrin ’19, Maddie Williams ’19, and Will Maloney ’18 Working at Gould’s SA-KRED cafe is learning by doing. When the donuts are placed on the counter and the…Read More

How to Build a Foundation with Design Thinking

September 15, 2016
Design Thinking White Board Brainstorming Rapid Design Thinking Challenge: Build a Foundation When you listen to students in between classes, you start to hear how they frame learning: “Did you do all the work last night?” “I think I did…Read More

Homestay Days in Tanzania

March 23, 2016
Activities and Student Homestay Days (Written by Mr. Hayward) After a great day of activities at Tumaini Senior Secondary School and another overnight in the dorms, we woke today and headed back towards Karatu to begin…Read More

Tanzania: Project Day at Tumaini Senior Secondary School

March 22, 2016
Tanzania: Project Day at Tumaini Senior Secondary School (Sent via inReach by Mr. Hayward) It was a great day at Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS) that started with experiential learning games and initiatives. Gould students and their…Read More

Zip Ties + Wheels + Shower Board = Culture Shift

December 3, 2014
Board work during a class significantly shifts how students participate in the learning: whether it is a chalk talk,  problem solving, declining verbs, or sketching a design when students are up and at a board…Read More

Visual Bio + On Snow Coaches as Designers

November 5, 2014
Getting ready for the 90 Minute Design Challenge with the on-snow staff this morning, it hit me that it was a good time for a visual bio.   After 22 years of teaching English, books…Read More