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River Fund Design Challenge

February 22, 2021
bulletin board River Fund Youth Innovation Summit A 2.5-day virtual design challenge workshop sponsored by the River Fund The Design Challenge Earlier this month The River Fund Maine (TRFM) hosted another design thinking workshop in their “Dare…Read More

SA-KRED Cafe – Coffee and Donuts for a Cause

January 5, 2018
Submitted and written by SA-KRED staff Mia Shifrin ’19, Maddie Williams ’19, and Will Maloney ’18 Working at Gould’s SA-KRED cafe is learning by doing. When the donuts are placed on the counter and the…Read More

How to Build a Foundation with Design Thinking

September 15, 2016
Design Thinking White Board Brainstorming Rapid Design Thinking Challenge: Build a Foundation When you listen to students in between classes, you start to hear how they frame learning: “Did you do all the work last night?” “I think I did…Read More

Homestay Days in Tanzania

March 23, 2016
Activities and Student Homestay Days (Written by Mr. Hayward) After a great day of activities at Tumaini Senior Secondary School and another overnight in the dorms, we woke today and headed back towards Karatu to begin…Read More

Tanzania: Project Day at Tumaini Senior Secondary School

March 22, 2016
Tanzania: Project Day at Tumaini Senior Secondary School (Sent via inReach by Mr. Hayward) It was a great day at Tumaini Senior Secondary School (TSSS) that started with experiential learning games and initiatives. Gould students and their…Read More

Zip Ties + Wheels + Shower Board = Culture Shift

December 3, 2014
Board work during a class significantly shifts how students participate in the learning: whether it is a chalk talk,  problem solving, declining verbs, or sketching a design when students are up and at a board…Read More