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Physical Performance – November 1st and 3rd

October 29, 2012
Physical Performance, a new Gould Academy activity that combines elements of dance and acting to explore how stories can be conveyed through physical movement and voice, will present Mary Zimmerman’s play Metamorphoses in Bingham Auditorium…Read More

Snow Ball….It’s coming…

December 1, 2011
So one of the traditions at Gould Academy is our Snowball. Due to our crazy schedules in the winter, we don’t have a prom in the true sense of the word. We have SNOWBALL. And…Read More

We can Dance if We Want To…

November 10, 2011
After last week’s post about the goings on,  we were able to go to the Fall Dance Performance. It was a very interactive show, performed in the Sanborn Library, with the dancers winding their way…Read More