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Gould Makes History!

February 19, 2016
Hey gloggies! This winter I have been taking a history elective called Maine History, taught by Mr. Newell. This class has focused on different time periods ranging from 1500 to present day. We have done…Read More

A Perfect Routine

February 12, 2016
Saturday is my favorite day of the week. My Typical Saturday: 6:30 AM – Alarm goes off 6:55 AM – Small Breakfast 7:15 AM – Drive to Sunday River 8:00-11:00 AM – Ski Training 11:30…Read More

Brooke, Brookie, Brooklyn, River, Stream?

February 5, 2016
I have always thought that having a twin would be so cool. Someone to share clothes with, birthday’s with, pictures with, someone to graduate Kindergarten with, high school with, someone to experience all the major…Read More

Game On

February 3, 2016
As the Romans once said in Sparta “Let the games begin” With the cry of Holden’s chants, Elly’s megaphone, and fresh snow falling from the sky, this was sure to be a year for the record books.…Read More

Sibling Love

February 1, 2016
This weekend, it was lovely to see so many families on campus; it is always fun to watch parents come to campus and guess who their children are!  On Sunday, I also got some of…Read More

MLK Day at Gould Academy

January 24, 2016
Last Monday was Martin Luther King Day. At Gould, we celebrated the memory of Dr. King by taking time to engage in our community. Each class had a different project and students did things ranging…Read More

Mountainous Explorations

January 21, 2016
I think all anyone really needs in life is a good adventure. Life it’s self is one big adventure from deciding what sports to play as a little kid to the career you are going…Read More

The Sun Parade

January 15, 2016
Hi gloggies! I hope you all had a fabulous Friday. Today at Gould, we got a taste of The Sun Parade. This band boasts “Grunge-soaked power pop,” and they definitely showed us that tonight at their…Read More

Anatomy of an advisee function

January 13, 2016
First, I am really late with this one… oops. #wbw (Way Back Wednesday… Way Back to Sunday.) I think more than half of my glogs have been on time. I think I am probably passing.…Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love This Community

January 11, 2016
As I sat in the Library this evening knitting and thinking what to blog about I looked over and saw Sophie and realized how impress I was with her selflessness this morning at the Bethel…Read More