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Saying Goodbye

June 4, 2014
This is it Glog world! My last post… I struggled to think of a good way to end my Glog career but the only thing that has kept coming back to me is a list.…Read More

Winter Term!

December 4, 2013
Hey y’aaaall! I hope everyone enjoyed their time off, for some only a brief period, but for those lucky Gouldies, a full two weeks. Today marks the second day of our winter trimester! As Mark…Read More

GLOG Theme Week: Glogger Profiles

May 13, 2013
Husky Nation! GET EXCITED! This week, your most humble Gloggers are pleased to announce our newest venture: GLOG profiles. You have spent all year getting to know each of us through our weekly posts, which…Read More

Firsts and Last Firsts

December 15, 2012
After reading Alec’s post, I was reminded of a post written by a former glogger last year about her senior year and the bittersweet moments of “first lasts”. Last first formal dinner of the year,…Read More

Exciting Times at Gould Academy!

November 5, 2012
Hi Everyone, The mountain bike season may be over, but excitement is far from gone in my life! I have 13 days to prove myself worthy of my classes, and of the colleges I’ve applied…Read More