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Class of 2018 – College Counseling Review

July 30, 2018
  A class of deep thinkers, talented artists, gifted athletes, songful musicians, life-long learners, eager leaders, caring friends, and now: prepared, college-bound graduates. Since their first day at Gould in 2014, the Class of 2018…Read More

Manifestos and Mission Statements

November 9, 2015
I know that #tbt is for Thursdays, but  I’ll never post on Thursday (unless I am really late in posting), thus I’ll never get to #tbt on the Glog. But I am going to anyway. So…Read More


October 23, 2015
What is the importance of November 1st? Many seniors across the country (including myself) struggle to fully prepare themselves for the importance of this date. We find ourselves drafting, redrafting, and drafting again to complete…Read More

Gould Academy Celebrates 179th Commencement

June 11, 2015
Gould Academy presented diplomas to 59 seniors at its 179th commencement on Saturday, June 6. Speakers, faculty, and graduating seniors made their way from Hanscom Hall and across Alumni Field, where several hundred family and…Read More


May 19, 2015
It came to my attention that my glog, 47, had some issues being viewed so I updated some things and reposted it! What do the numbers 18, 384, 749 and 1114 have in common? Those…Read More


April 20, 2015
What do the numbers 47, 413, 778 and 1143 have in common? Those are the number of days until graduation for Gould students. And it’s settling in for us seniors that in a little over…Read More

Teen making waves with biomedical research

March 16, 2015
BETHEL, Maine (via WCSH6 NEWS CENTER) — Video: A student at Gould Academy in Bethel is making waves in the world of biomedical research. Demetri Maxim won last year’s Maine State Science Fair with a…Read More

Gould Academy Unveils New Legacy Award

January 6, 2015
Since 1836, students have been coming to Bethel, Maine for a Gould Academy education. Living and learning here has been a treasured tradition–one shared today by many generations. These families of alumni will tell you…Read More


October 20, 2014
Dearest Glogions, We have reached the much needed, fall parents weekend break. 5 days of relaxing fall fun conveniently placed right when you feel you might explode. For us seniors, this fall break takes on…Read More