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Eastern Cups & U-14 AmCams

March 26, 2014
This week we catch up with a few of our athletes that are preparing to race this weekend at Eastern Cups as well as the U14 AmCam event. The U14 AmCam event is the top…Read More

Great Job Athletes

March 19, 2014
This week is a quick program report and a congratulations to the hard work of our athletes!Read More

Course Inspection

March 12, 2014
) This week we take a look at race day course inspection. There are three major focus points that coaches and athletes look at during course inspection. Do you know what they are?Read More

March Madness

March 5, 2014
It’s March, championship events, spring races, and the sun is up in the sky! The skiing, training, and racing is awesome! This week we have a video mix of what the coaches do to get…Read More

Grooming The Race Hill

February 26, 2014
This week I give you a fun insight about the grooming of our race trail. Depending on the weather conditions and what we are looking in terms of terrain, the T2/Monday Mourning trail is altered…Read More