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Xi’an: Host Pairings

March 21, 2016
(Written by Mr. Shifrin) The students met this morning with big smiles on their faces and reported that the weekend with their host families was great. Many students went to see a movie. It was…Read More

Quanzhou: History and Temples

(Written by Mr. Penley) We reconvened this morning after our weekends apart. Everyone had lots of stories to share about their adventures with their host families. The were smiles all around and everyone was ready…Read More

Quanzhou Update

March 20, 2016
(From Ms. Wilkerson) Our students spent the weekend with their host families. We’ll see them all in a few hours, Monday morning. We have heard from some of our students, and most were together on Saturday…Read More

Kunming: Yunnan Nationalities Park

(From Mr. and Mrs. Whittington) We met up with the K-Team today for a trip to the Yunnan Nationalities Park. It is a set of “villages” that introduce folks to the 26 different ethnic groups…Read More

Kunming: Dumplings, Music and More

March 19, 2016
(Written by Mr. Whittington) Since we didn’t see the kids today we decided to share some pictures from Friday’s day in school.  The morning was a combination of making dumplings, making and eating rice noodles,…Read More

More From Xi’an

March 18, 2016
(Written by Ms. Andreozzi) Lilo, Abby, Julia and Ms. Andreozzi arrived today to join the rest of us in Xi’an. The girls have done  a beautiful job joining us all. They met their hosts that…Read More

Travel Plans! – For the China Trips

March 4, 2016
The time draws near for our travels! I am very excited to be getting ready to spend time in Beijing with everyone! If you are looking for the packing lists again here they are: Packing List…Read More

Family Weekend Presentation – China

February 9, 2016
Here is a approximately 30 minute version of the presentation given during Winter family weekend. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the recording we made during the presentation. If you have any questions about the…Read More

Four Point Meeting #1 with Students

December 9, 2015
Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update about the meeting we had with the ninth graders after formal dinner Tuesday evening. We surveyed the group about their travel experiences and there was a…Read More

We’re going to China!- Welcome Letters 2016

November 27, 2015
  I am excited to get to write announcing the trip traveling to China this March. Attached is a detailed letter with important information about the trip. Please take time over this break to review the…Read More