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Airport Time!

February 17, 2011
Just a quick update from the Bean-town Airport.  We had a safe drive down from Bethel this morning.  The bus showed up a bit early and we were loaded and off by 2 am!  We…Read More

Sorted Money and the Long Wait

The yuan have been sorted and distributed, with many students choosing to have the adults hold on to the money– at least until we get to Beijing.  Probably a good choice for some! This is…Read More

Waiting for the bus…

At the time of this entry, the lights are off, a movie is on, some are playing cards, others rest their eyes. The photo below is earlier in the evening…we’ve got gear. The big announcement…Read More

Last Minute Details

February 14, 2011
About 16 hours until I depart with our two Chinese students who will serve as guides for our time in Beijing.  My job will be to make sure our housing is all set and transportation…Read More

Gearing Up.

February 2, 2011
We are gearing up for the China trip that departs two weeks from today (or tonight!).  Last night’s meeting with the frosh addressed packing needs and a quick overview of the trip.  Much of this…Read More

Back to China!

The ninth grade Four Point crew met for the second time last night to cover some specific topics. Mrs. Whittington demonstrated the best way to pack up the ol suitcase. (remember, its not having the…Read More