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CEFLS Welcomes Gould Academy

February 22, 2012
The students arrived at school with their hosts and attended classes before we were introduced to the entire school at a welcoming ceremony in the courtyard outside. The students were given a school uniforms as…Read More

Day one at Tangwai

  Quote of the day: “I don’t want to be famous if it means getting this much attention.” Greetings from the Foreign Languages Experimental School Affiliated with Tanghu Middle School (or something like that, even…Read More

Chendgu CEFLS has arrived

February 21, 2012
We woke this morning and went for a walk after we finished packing. We explored the area around the hotel visiting the newer restored hutong and also the older traditional hutong. It was a great…Read More

Tanghu group has arrived

Short post tonight. We have arrived in Chengdu after a seemingly short two and a half hour flight. (But then most flights feel short after a 13 hour flight…) We said final goodbyes to the…Read More

Thursday – A day for contemplation

February 24, 2011
This morning we met at school and headed for the Baoguang Monastery in Xindi, an hour’s drive from Chengdu.   The monastery is run by Buddhist monks and provides an oasis of  green, calm, quiet peace…Read More

Chengdu 2 School Days

Today we spent a full day in school, visiting classes, answering a multitude of questions, and learning more about Chinese culture.  The kids relived their early school days with recess after lunch as everyone headed…Read More

Formal Introductions

February 23, 2011
This morning we all met at school at 8am to compare notes about our host families, and to participate in formal introductions.  Mr Wen, the headmaster of the school welcomed us in the schoolyard at…Read More

Basketball Diplomacy

Having last seen our students as they were whisked away by their host families at the airport, it was great to see them all this morning at the school.  There was much excited talk about…Read More