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Mountain Day, Chengdu Style

March 26, 2014
Wowza, what a big and busy final day we enjoyed around Chengdu.  Ms. Barstow and I offer a double-delight, 2-version blog post this evening!  Tomorrow we’re on the road early to see you by late…Read More

Farewell Chengdu

We had another action packed day in and around Chengdu. See you all soon!                         .  Read More

Big Buddha Busyness

March 25, 2014
Always working hard to keep this trip under budget and ahead of schedule, Barstow and I opted for this exciting transportation option to get to school in time… to meet the kids to go to…Read More

Welcoming Day in Chengdu!

March 24, 2014
Wow, this day felt like four days in a very good and full way! There was a wonderful welcoming ceremony in the morning where each of our students were given a school uniform by their…Read More


March 20, 2014
The Chengdu group has arrived and the students have all been happily paired up with their hosts. We are excited to get to know these students and this city! One of our first adventures in…Read More

Quanzhou and Chengdu

I have spoke to both Nancy and Tom and both groups are safely at their schools. I assume blog posts will come once they get settled in. ColinRead More

Panda Mania

March 29, 2013
All week we’ve anticipated seeing the pandas and today was the day.  I lost count of how many times “so cute” was used to describe the bears. After pandas it was a trip downtown for…Read More

Music and Mountain Day – Chengdu Style

March 28, 2013
We started the day with a lesson on traditional Chinese instruments and discovered just how difficult they are to play!  The CEFLS students played beautifully and then patiently helped us try to make some music.…Read More