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Davies Traditions

May 24, 2012
As I think you all know, we live in the dorm and have done for 9 years, 7 years in Davidson (D-Block or Avidson)  and the last 2 in Gehring (The Big House) With years…Read More

Your Own Virtual Gould

April 19, 2012
Ever wanted to re-visit Gould, but haven’t had the chance to get back in 10 plus years..? Ever wonder what the new skatepark, science center or tennis courts really look like…? Are there parts of…Read More

Pig Exclusive

April 12, 2012
Imagine my surprise when I read the Glog today, and I see no sign of the news of the hour. 13 new additions to Gould Academy’s Farm and Forest program. Piglets. The are a couple…Read More

Hey Mother Nature…

March 28, 2012
So the foothills of Western Maine can really come up with some interesting weather. Last week we saw temperatures up to 85 degrees, yesterday snow…. And not just a dusting, a real snowfall of nearly…Read More

Does This Make Me famous…??

February 2, 2012
So, from day to day, you never know what you’re asked to do at Gould Academy…! The other day I got to talk about what I love the most, snowboarding at Gould Academy. Hope you…Read More

Snow Ball….It’s coming…

December 1, 2011
So one of the traditions at Gould Academy is our Snowball. Due to our crazy schedules in the winter, we don’t have a prom in the true sense of the word. We have SNOWBALL. And…Read More

Studying, Cakes, Jigsaws and Crutches…!

November 17, 2011
So we’re the picture takers of the GLOG this week on our travels around campus during exam week. We found Cupcakes being made by proctors for their floor, Spaniards doing Portland Maine jigsaws. Studying, with…Read More